Purchased New radiator, new drive shaft, new cooling fan, casket slide, all new hoses, hydraulic lift table, training casket,new cab lift cylinders, cab lock down mechanisms, electric hydraulic cab lift pump.Insured and registered as a hearse, with 555 plate.

The pump and drive shaft was removed by the Fall River Fire Dept.garage, by Foreman Glenn Syivia, Tom Michaels, and Bob Camara, Dan Murphy, Andrew Cioper and other volunteers who I don't know. Installation of the driveshaft by Glenn Syivia, Tom Michaels, and Bob Camara.


Received United Way Mini Grant to purchase 348 pairs white gloves, 250 badge bands, and 2 rolls bunting. This will be kept on engine 266.


2 air ride front seats, 2 air mask jump seats, fender crowns, weather stripping.

On  spot chains, fabrication to start soon. Fabrication has begun, pictures to follow as they are taken.


A casket pall with a with a Fire Department Maltese Cross with  Crossed Axes

Received a second  casket (bronze) for department training. Received a church truck, to aid in training.

 Met with Father Mychal Judge's sister, who gave me a picture and permission to use it along with his prayer, that is going to be the right rear compartment door on the engine, and also a personal item to be placed on the engine. That item will be announced at a later date, when the engine is placed in service.


On 12/22/10 received notification from New York & New Jersey Port Authority we are getting WTC artifacts, and were given a serial  number for the articles. I will keep you updated as what they are.


Received letter on WTC artifacts. Sent UPS shipping label to NY Port Authority.


Theresa Perkins from Glory and Praise Vestments made this casket pall.


 Added new pictures on the painted engine. See the new color on paint preperation page.


Received artifact on 2/28/11 see pictures on the artifact page


Engine painted black over red and casket module made by

Bull Dog Fire Apparatus


Received 2 Pierce pump caps with Pierce Logo and a Federal 2QB siren

Greenwood Emergency Vehicles Inc. are making new pump panels out of brushed stainless steel.

received 200 feet of 1 3/4 fire hose, red, white, and blue with ENGINE 266 etched in the couplings, from Key Fire Hose Co.

ROM Rollup Door Company has donated a rear rollup door.

On August 3, 2011 engine was removed from Bull Dog Fire Apparatus Co. to Greenwood Emergency Vehicle Company for completion.  There it will be completed with all new diamond plate, installation of all doors, windows, fender crowns, seats,and installation of the rollup door and slide out for the artifact.New suction hose trays installed.

The new pump panels will be installed with a storage module in place of the pump. All the graphics will be installed as they have a graphic arts designer, who will be working with us to design the proper graphics.

Once the crosslays are in, the new hose will be placed on it.

Whelen Emergency Lights are providing all new lighting for the engine.

A donor put all new goodyear tires on the engine.

Received  nozzles from Elkhart Brass

Slidemaster is placing 2 slide out trays for the artifacts and bell.

Receiving 2 polished bronze ceremonial axes from

Liberty Art Works

Received 2 chrome ceremonial nozzles from Akron Brass


To report a line of duty death call 866-736-5868